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Regellog is consistent:


  • radical-libertarian

  • anarchistic

  • mainstream-resistant

  • unconventional

  • critical

  • straight forward

  • individualistic

  • optimistic

  • acknowledging achievement and progress

  • pro-capitalistic

  • free-market

  • for the teachings of the Austrian School of Economics

  • for the return of the gold standard

  • in friendship with America and Israel

  • for tax evasion

  • anti-collective

  • anti-socialistic

  • against do-gooders and appeasers

  • anti-Islamic

  • against a levelling EU

  • against ideological currencies and the Euro

  • against the joining of the Turkey to the EU



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    Luigi Pepperonis Artwork


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    Rebellog Travel Essays

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    About digital, about rebellogs photos, tips and ideas by Luigi Pepperoni

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