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My first selfmade webpage


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Pioneer project – Log cabin


Our class project this year was about pioneers. I chose to make a log cabin. My idea was that the first thing what a pioneer needed was a roof above his head. I wanted to make a log cabin just like a pioneer did with natural materials.


So I went in our woods and cut young branches, collected moss and bark from the ground and little rocks from our driveway.


Then I took a piece of plywood as a foundation.


  1. First, I decided how big the house was going to be.

  2. I measured how long I have to cut the branches.

  3. My father made the cuts at the ends of the branches (He did this because the knife was to sharp and he didn’t want that I cut myself.)

  4. The next step was to glue the logs together and to build up the walls. (In the reality nobody would glue the logs together, but in a model you have to, because it would fall apart)

  5. The roof was the hardest part because we had to slant it. First we made one long beam as the ridge, and two as the eaves.

  6. After we did this, we binded many beams slanted against the mainbeams. (The binding material was string, in original it would be rope.)

  7. Now we covered the whole roof with moss. (I made the moss heavier by placing rocks on top of it so that it wouldn’t fly away.)

  8. The construction was now ready and I filled the spaces between the logs with grass and moss. (The glue drops are the detailed tree syrup outflow.)

  9. In the next step, I made a fence around the property.

  10. After that, I build a shelter for two horses in the same technique like the log cabin was build.

  11. Now I made a door for the house and an entrance for the property.

  12. Next, we made a sign with my family name, because I am the owner of the property.

  13. I used a few rocks to make the well. Next, I used three logs to make the stage where the pioneers could hall up buckets full of water.

  14. I now made a cloth line between two posts.

  15. I build a fireplace.

  16. The last thing was to use wallpaper glue to glue all the bark to the ground.


The job took more than 8 hours time. I had a lot of fun making it and I am sad that the cabin is to small to move in. When the class project will be over, I will give my little sister Elaine the log cabin for her little dolls.

Alexander , Grad 4, Mrs. S.


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